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Used to be a "non-pressured" channel to watch and occasionally offer an honest bargain! Used to be!

My favorite is when the host lowers the price and swears up and down, she's going to be fired for lowering the price that management sets! Another ploy, and there are a few; when they hear the telephone ring and it's one of the male managers "calling in" to lower the price! Or, the host stands there while the male manager and or buyer is screaming (and I mean screaming!) at the television audience to buy as this is a give-a-way price, and the host (standing beside him) pretends she's totally flabbergasted with the price, yells, "yes, yes, yes" and you wonder if she's selling or thinking about a personal encounter from the night before! Pathetic!

Heads bobbing up and down while the managers are yelling and, can you lower yourself any more??? You can actually see a host's attitude change from when they are alone and when they are working with the "buyers!" The stress and pressure shows girls! I forgot the newest ploy....when they display an item on the screen and immediately announce they can't sell it because the price is too low, so everyone has to wait while they call one of the head buyers, to get permission! Or, they need thirty people on line, immediately, so they can announce the price!

I have sent more jewelry back, than I have kept! Plus, I took the show off my channel line-up!

May I remind the "buyers;" this is America and we don't need to be screamed and pressured to buy something! If you can't sell something with dignity and especially, honesty, then it's not worth buying!

Review about: Liquidation Channel Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for your feedback. While our primary goal is to sell our products, we also like to entertain our customers while they are watching.

We understand that not every show style will appeal to everyone, and we are always open to feedback to send to our hosts and production team. We would love to speak with you further, and our Customer Service department is available 24/7 at 1-877-899-0078 or

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