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I shop a LC. I am not rich., so most of my purchases are under $20.00 i have received pendants and the chains were tangled.

I think they could secure them better, however all the handling and banging around from shipping certainly could cause that. I purchased a three ring set for $10.00 . One of the stones fell out. I called CS and told them I was not angry , but I thought they should know, because without quality they will not have customers.

The CS said I could return it I told him them because of the restocking fee it would not be worth. I kidded with him and reminded him I was not calling to complain. He then said they would reimburse the full amount. I said that since only one ring had lost a stone I would be getting 2 rings free.

So I said why don't you just reimburse me $3.33 ,which would be the cost of the bad ring. I do have issues with two hosts, although I d.o enjoy some of them together. They do spend a lot of time one some items , but maybe they only have a certain amount if items and have to fill the time. They do not break every 3 minutes for a commercial.

As far as quality goes I have had some problems. However you cannot expect $10.00 piece of jewelry to be the same quality as a $ 100.00 piece of jewelry. As far as changing color over time, do not wash dishes or take showers with it on. Take them off when cleaning or doing some other activity that could cause damage.

How often do you stop wearing an outfit because it is no longer in style or the new has worn off. If you have paid a lot for an item you either have to continue wearing it even though you no longer want too . No quilt in replacing a $10.00 item. I want as much for my money as I can , but how can I complain about something losing it's sparkle when I only paid 10 or less for something.

You get what you pay for as they say. Read online reviews about items you purchase from home improvement stores , or almost any store and out of 20 people 8 or 9 or more people will complain while the rest are very happy. It is sad but true. We are not created equal.

We cannot pay hundred or thousands for items we want or need. We have to find the least expensive items and hope for the best. Whenever you have a problem do not call and start yelling at the CS person.

They are not responsible for what is wrong and it is not going to help resolve your problem in a way that you are happy with. There are CS people who should not be working with people.

Review about: Ring.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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You obviously work for them. Everything you said is ***.

I dont care if it cost 2 cents. The point is is that the hosts are telling you its great. They are not telling you its garbage and that they are dishonest. So they are liars/scammets.

Period! And if you work for a dishonest company you DESERVE to be yelled at! If you had morals/ethics you would not work there.

So you MUST take the brunt of angry customers. End of story!

Baytown, Texas, United States #1269306

Hello I am Miranda one of the Escalation leads here at Shop LC. Thank you so much for all your great and honest feedback and taking the time out of your day and letting us know how you feel about the entire company, that means a lot to us you wrote a review.

If you ever need help with a damaged item know you can return the item with in the 30 day grace period that we give you for either a refund or a replacement because we want to make sure you are not out your money and also an item other than that if you ever need help with anything please let us know so we can take care of you. Again thank you so much for everything you have commented about.

to Miranda93 Grand Haven, Michigan, United States #1274960

But what happens when a stone falls out. It's happened to me three times.

It had been worn only 3 is a fancy beautiful cluster ring of Russian Diopside that look like Emeralds! They offered to repair it, at pretty high cost. I've never lost a stone after wearing it only three now it sits in the graveyard of "needs repair". Can't wear it, can't afford to repair it...maybe it was such a good deal after all.

I LOVE their jewelry, but I'm disappointed that they won't stand behind the quality of their workmanship. I'm so unhappy...I really wanted their help but the cost was too high. So...? Was it really worth the great price?

I can't wear it! B in TC

to Miranda93 #1412210

Ummm... Agreeing with her that your products are basically a "getting what you pay for"..??

Yet, I thought I heard your host on tv talking about what great products/quality you have. And, it's only low prices due to you being the buyer, creator and seller... Basically claiming to cut out the middle man.. Maybe I heard the host wrong.

Is the products good quality or, getting what you pay for? As you just stated by seemingly agreeing with her "HONEST" feedback.

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