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Great experience with channel almost two years. I cannot understand why head of company could not step in & hurry up negotiations with Dish Network to get L.C.

back on their regular programming. I have called Dish & I have Called Customer Care with L.C, each putting blame on other company for hold-up. Why can you both not see that L.C. reaches more customers than any other jewelry co.

out there? Have a higher viewing rating than any. Why should we, the consumer, be punished because you'all cannot reach a suitable agreement?

You are going to lose more revenue than you realize. Thank you, Sandra Banning

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with liked very much. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of liquidation channel customer care. Liquidation Channel needs to "let boss be boss 7 make right decision for his company!" according to poster's claims.

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Today 274 was dropped all together. I felt like you putting JTV on the LC channel was a bully move. You guys are all greedy at our expense.


I sure miss LIQUIDATION CHANNEL on DISH NETWORK!! Sad, very, very, sad. Not everyone likes QVC or JTV or HSNI want my Liquidation Channel back 274 Thank You,Michelle from MO

Pulaski, Wisconsin, United States #1341322

Get a inter net capable TV you can stream more channels than dish offers and save your self $ 1000

Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1341027

You wonder why? It comes down to $$$ everyone wants more, and no one will budge an inch.

we had fox8 in cleveland go off the air, they said call dish and complain, I did, and then the real reason was made apparant....fox8 wanted more $$$ to keep their station on dish. Eventually they got it, and then my local station cost on dish went up to cover it. Gets tiring to keep chunking up more and get less and less. Dish was loosing more and more people so they came up with these so called packages, so ya get less for sorta less.

cable companys and satelite companies got ya by the balls, you loose either way, with any of them. Its all about the $$$.

Hopefully someone finds a way to hijack service where they cant do a dam thing about it, "jailbroke" as hackers call it. Then us the consumer will finally be ahead of them.

Live Oak, Florida, United States #1340608

What happened to the SHOP LC channel on dish??? Just taken off without warning???

Beginning to hate dish, this happened before and channel was put back on. I want this shopping channel back on ASAP.

to jane Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1341029

dish generally isnt the problem, the channel its self puts itself on a pedistal and "says pay more to keep me on tv" so the problem is the LC not dish.

Carrizo Springs, Texas, United States #1340110

Miss the LC on my Dish cable. What happened?

I watched daily and is the only jewelry channel I order jewelry from. Hope it will be back on Dish very soon.




I agree. ..loved show watched every day.

..I'm considering getting another company as soon as my contract fulfilled. seems to be losing the battle with lots of company's.


They don't care! Look at the on air auctions..

Mostly sold out. If they can do that without us, y would they care if we came back, or not?


Thank you for the comment on the l.c. not on dish network.

I miss it as well and bought a lot of stuff from them. They need to speed up the process and get it back on air

to Anonymous Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1341030

LC wants more $$$ from Dish to keep their channel, its a common thing that companies do to wring more money out of anyone.

Holly Springs, North Carolina, United States #1033998

F... the Dish !

drop them ! you can watch LC on line live any time you want. Drop the dish and save tons of money in the process! They did the same for fox news channel !

at the price we paid we are better of now !

all shows can be watch on-line anyway! and it is free!


I, too, was an avid LC watcher and customer. I have made the switch to ROCKSTV (Gemporia) in the UK.

Better quality and fresh new designs.

DISH may have just made a bad situation better by not settling on a new contract. If I want to, I can still go on-line and buy from the LC.

to Anonymous #1509064

It is LC sister channel. Same people


Dish *** the best shows and puts on garbage. Logmire is an example, and L C.

Conneaut, Ohio, United States #1030780

I miss the Liquidation Channel also. It's we, the paying customers, who are always taken advantage of by big companies and I'm tired of it.

I will now look at the LC and Dish from a different prospective....


to Buddys Mom Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1341031

your blaming the wrong company dear....the LC itself wants more money, dish doesnt want to chunk it up, when they do your bill will go up, or be forced to buy a higher dollar package to get it.


Can't believe that Dish is doing this again. I enjoy watching TCM and shopping on the Liquidation Channel.

In recent months both channels were cancelled by Dish.

Fortunately, they did resume broadcasting TCM and I hope they will come to an agreement with the LC.


All dish net is accomplishing concerning lc, is that they are frustrating their paying customers which enjoy viewing lc. Same old same old ***.

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