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i am being accused of being a fraud in some way and my account is frozen right now that i cant even see my orders to cancel them why would u want someone like me to buy your merchandise i have been a good customer in my eyes but u see it another way for some crazy reason

Product or Service Mentioned: Liquidation Channel Account.



Thank you for your feedback, and we do apologize that you have been experiencing several difficulties with your account. Please contact our Customer Service department directly at 1-877-899-0078 or speak with our specialists through live chat on our website. You can chat with them live right now, by clicking on the following link:


My account has been frozen akso its beause I ordered on tv automated only to see what tv was sold out of was on my account I got to cancle one salt lamps oew sold out ordered fish and eagle only to see owe on my ordet got it cancled now its chains 4 3 sold out on tv I bought one only to see 4 the ones that were sold out on my order tried to call put on hold Automayed sustem said I cpuld uze on line service whe. I tried sh got thimgs twisyed all up said I was accusimg them of adding things to my order

Not true They had problems that day with on line all ordets wete going to call autiomated service I thought mayme they got order mesded up because they wete so busy they froze my account called 2 says later a giy un froze it after listing to me

Last nigjt it was frozen again .Said under review .After 3 two 5 thousand dollars since this summer of2017 .Got broken thinhs things missing also salt lamps wete sold cheaper at a local store I like their stuff most of the time but on line costomer service is terriable would rather tald to a petson .It doesnt always cpme across the same on line costomer service. Aitomaged Costomer service is better Im calling my bank and cancling my cards now If they want me to wait 7 days for revief they can wait on bdget pay .very Disapointed Loyal Costomer Costomer

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