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Just yesterday I received a morganite quartz ring that I got from the rising auction. It was clearly tarnished from being worn.

I had to polish it. Did not even have the yellow barcode tag with it or attached to it, and came in a small cheap plastic Ziploc baggie. I'm Afraid if I will return it they won't except because the tag is missing LOL I spoke to customer service and it sounded like I would just be taking my chances if I sent it back. Luckily he was an extremely nice guy.

Not all of them are. Definitely seems like there's something funny going on with the online auctions. Several items I won did not look like the pictures and I had to return. Then they had the nerve not to agree with me and made me pay for return shipping.

They are clearly using items that have been returned for the online auctions. I have also received 4 items in three months, that are broken that were from the online auction. The round plastic pieces that are on earring backs we're not even attached to several pairs of earrings. When I called and asked a supervisor why I was not reimbursed for my shipping charge, she said they were not defective.

I said the plastic round pieces weren't even attached to the earring backs. She was rude and took an attitude with me. Many times they say they are giving you a refund and refunding your shipping and then I find out on my credit card that they did not. Definitely watch your credit card!

It is so frustrating and time-consuming. I am finding another jewelry supplier for my business. Here's the fun part. They actually promoted selling their jewelry online during one show saying these prices were so cheap that someone could buy them and then resell them online.

Big mistake! Shop LC is now on eBay and heavily competing against their own customers who were only trying to make a few bucks.

I can see where there are intentionally underpricing identical items I sell for a dollar less than my prices. Now I'm stuck with all this jewelry.

Review about: Earrings.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Volosovo, Leningrad, Russian Federation #1341034

online auctions were there BEFORE they ever took returns. And they probably do put those returns on there, should they just give them away to anyone?

Ya want a bargain, and ya bought it, and theres your bargain. so its worn, so it needs cleaned, would you rather have absolutely new? Then buy it when its on air. All jewelry comes in those plastic bags, wanna know why?

they are shipped from china, india, and most come on container ships, in crates, all exposed to salt water, without the bag, it wouldnt look that good. It may get to you by container ship as well, who thank ful for it even getting there at the price ya paid for it.

to Anonymous #1346050

Normally they come in a nice little baggie. This time they are coming in cheap little Ziploc bags.

Even when you buy an auction item you expect that it is new, not tarnished, not damaged as many of them are, and has a barcode tag.

That is what I expect for the price when I am paying $40-$50 or higher for an item.

Your comment about how I should be happy with what I'm getting for the price is odd because I never mentioned what the item was or what I paid for it. You clearly work for the company.

By the way, recently I did buy a beautiful turquoise ring on air and it came to me with a huge chip out of the turquoise Stone on one side.

That is now six damaged items in the last four months that I have received. The funny part was is that it came with a card that said it had been inspected before shipping LOL


Recently I ordered two pieces of jewelry from the LC Channel when I called I use automated ordering I wanted easy pay on my charge card when I looked up my charge card I did not get easy pay I was charged almost $200 for the items I called up customer service and they would not put it on easy pay now that I look back on it there is no prompt that you can press to get Ez Pay for automated ordering and I am very pissed off I had complained about that 6 months ago that there's no prob that you could press to get EZ Pass and then never fixed it so now customer service would not fix my problem turn it over to EZ Pay now I have these big charges on my credit card which is not helping me at all

to Anonymous Baytown, Texas, United States #1330857

Good afternoon, I do apologize that you experienced difficulties in placing an order on our BudgetPay plan through our automated ordering line. We do have an option to add BudgetPay while going through the automated system once you reach the payment options.

We have even updated our menu options to make it easier to select BudgetPay now.

We would love to speak with you further regarding this incident. Please contact our specialists at or you can initiate a live chat with them at the following link:


Just received my last rising auction item today. Necklace was in a madded mess at the bottom of a cheap plastic Ziploc baggie.

I realize that auction prices are at a reduced cost, but come on guys!

This is just sloppy. It's as If you don't respect your own product by the way your package them

Austin, Texas, United States #1324871

We do apologize that you have not been satisfied with the products you have won from our Rising Auctions. Items listed on our Rising Auctions are ones that are last in stock that we post to give customers the opportunity to win and purchase at substantial savings.

If an item tag is missing from an item, you are still able to return the item, as we do understand that sometimes an item may ship out without the tag or a customer has worn an item that developed an issue after being worn.

We do make every effort to ensure that all of our items are tagged and checked over before being shipped out.

We would love to speak with you regarding your experiences shopping with us. Our Customer Service department can be reached at 1-877-899-0078 or at

to StephanieL Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1325316

No Thank you lol

When I spoke to one of your "Supervisors" a couple of months ago about broken earrings, she was rude, sarcastic and treated me like I was a pain in her rear end.

All I wanted were my original shipping costs reimbursed and not to be charged a restocking fee on damaged merchandise.

I was really shocked that the Supervisor gave me such terrible service after she had just listened to the recorded conversation I had with customer service. That Rep had told me

"Don't you know by now that nothing you order looks the way its supposed too".

All she wanted to do was argue. Pretty sure her name was Stephanie.

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